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Alleppey Houseboats

Online houseboat booking will help you easiest way to conform your houseboat packages.

All tourist destinations are attractive and marvelous. But Alleppey is better than many of them. Its diversified cultural background further adds warmth and gentleness to its welcome greet. And that is why ancient Arabs and Europeans set their sails to this piquant, distant and spectacular destination. You too are welcomed.

ALLEPPEY HOUSEBOATS has a wide variety of most excellent house boats available in South India. Your tour, excursion or expedition is made memorable and tremendous by finest co-ordination and management. We arrange all types of house boats Shikaras and canoes..

alleppey houseboats
Alleppey Honeymoon Houseboats


Just call or mail to ALLEPPEY HOUSEBOATS and you are freed from all complications of booking a house boat.


Houseboats of best quality and performance is made available for you. As suvari boats have unlimited links and many houseboats are provided round the year. Crew are educated trained and co-operative.


SUVARI HOUSEBOATS can provide all types of houseboats. Single Double or many roomed houseboats, budget boats are also provided.


Even though Alleppey is a very pleasant tourist destination and sights around are preeminent, rates in hotels bars and fares of vehicles are quite moderate or less when compared to the other parts of the world. So bedrooms in houseboats are much profitable.


Nothing more is charged over and above the agreed amount.The customer has his full freedom to discuss the rates and the management is happy to permit discounts to an allowable extent.

Birthday / Gettogether / Conference Houseboat

Birthday Party / Gettogether / Wedding / Business Conference / Group Tours / Students Tours - any type of houseboat (boat house) tours are available in Suvari Houseboats.

Arrival : Alleppey
Check in time : 11.00 am
Check out time : 5.00 pm
Boating Place : Alleppey Backwater
Menu : Welcome drink, lunch (veg or non-veg), Tea & Snacks
Special Food : Kappa/Fish Curry (Optional)
A/C : As per request extra charge

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Birthday Party in Houseboat / Gettogether in Houseboat / Wedding in Houseboat / Business Conference in Houseboat / Group Tours in Houseboats / Students Tours in Houseboats

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