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Overnight Houseboats Cruise

Alleppey Overnight Houseboats Cruise

Normal Check in for an overnight houseboat trip is at 12pm. It used to stop for an hour lunch break and then finally halting at 17:30hrs or 18:00hrs. In this case the houseboat has a trip of 5hrs during the day. Next day all the houseboats give minimum an hour ride, making a total of 6hrs trip. That means, in case you book an overnight houseboat, you get approximately 5hrs backwater trip. The added advantage is the dinner included in the trip and overnight stay for the same price.

The Overnight stay at the houseboat is ideal for travelers looking for a complete houseboat experience. It starts at 12:00 PM and ends by 9:00 AM the next morning.

The cruise starts similar to how a day cruise starts. You get a warm welcome on the boat with delightful drinks. As you settle down and begin to enjoy the scenic views of the backwaters’ shores, the chef serves you an elaborate lunch. The lunch menu would consist of the same items mentioned above.

After your delicious and satisfying lunch, you can sit back and relax. The houseboat will then cruise through narrow canals and you get to see charming villages, lush paddy fields, churches and temples from a closer distance. This doesn’t happen in Kumrakom since it doesn’t have narrow canals. The chirping of exotic birds creates the ideal background music for your cruise. It seems like a beautiful cherry on the cake. At this point, you can ask your driver if you could get your hands on the steering wheel. He would happily leave his place for you. When you sit on his chair and steer the boat, you know it’s a picture perfect moment. Try to capture it from every angle possible. And the perfect snapshot would look great on your wall.

As the sun starts setting, you can go and enjoy the view from the sun deck. While you soak in the beauty around you, the chef brings you hot tea or coffee with authentic Kerala snacks. Most times, banana fritters are served as snacks. When you sip your tea and nibble the snacks with all this glorious beauty around you, you start to realize what a fantastic experience you’re having.

What’s coming next is a total surprise. You’ll be given traditional fishing rods to try your hand at fishing. It seems hard at first but then it gets super exciting after your first catch. Usually, your first catch would only be a small fish. And then you want a bigger one. The experience is complete fun. You don’t realize how time just passes by until it gets quite dark. If you’re lucky enough, you can catch a good fish. The chef will cook it for dinner. You could also buy some local fish from the vendors at the shore. Make sure you check with the chef what price you should pay for the fish. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying a lot more than its actual cost.

Alleppey Round cruise is the better cruising route for the overnight Houseboats cruise

Kerala Overnight Cruise Houseboats
Kerala Overnight Houseboats
Kerala Overnight Houseboats
Kerala Overnight Houseboats

Overnight Cruise Houseboats Food Menu

Welcome Drink : Tender Coconut Or Fresh Fruit Juice
Lunch (Veg) : Plain Rice, Chapati, Sambhar, Avail (Mixed Veg. Gravy), Fried Beans, Green Salad,Curd, Pickle, Papad, Dal Fry, Potato With Cauliflower.
Lunch (Non-Veg) : Plain Rice, Chapati, Sambhar, Avail (Mixed Veg. Gravy), Fried Beans, Green Salad,Curd, Pickle, Papad, Dal Fry, Potato With Cauliflower, Local KarimeenFish Fry One Piece Of 180-200gms Each, Chicken Fry And Prawns Or Shrimps (As Per Availability)
Evening Snaks : Banana Fry and Onion Pakoda (One Banana and 150gm Pakoda Each) Coffee or Tea
Dinner (Veg) : White Rice or Veg Fried Rice or GheeRice and Chapati, Tomato or Veg Soup, PaneerButter Masala, Dal Fry, Cauliflower Manchurian
Dinner (Non-Veg) : White Rice or Veg Fried Rice or GheeRice and Chapati, Chicken Soup, Fish Curry & Chicken Curry
Breakfast : Fresh Fruit Juice, Idli, Dosa(Mix of Rice Powder and Pulse) With Sambharand Chutney.
Puttu(Steamed Rice Powder) and Black Gram Curry
Pooriand Bhaji(North Indian Dish)
Idliyappam(Rice Noodles) and Green Peas Curry (any one of the item) and Bread, Butter, Jam and Eggs Coffee Or Tea
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Overnight Cruise Houseboat Foods